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Environmental/Emissions Testing

Industrial Emissions Testing
No one knows more about industrial emissions testing than Blue Heaven. We have made the various processes more efficient and reliable than ever by introducing new testing technologies and innovative procedures. Our PC based data acquisition equipment provides immediate results. It is the most advanced, reliable testing equipment available.

Carbon Capacity Testing
Determine remaining life of carbon samples

The table below identifies various pollutants and the appropriate EPA Test Method we can perform to analyze the emissions:

Pollutant Test Method
Volumetric Flow Rate EPA Methods 1-4, PST 6
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide
Oxygen/Carbon Dioxide RATA
EPA Methods 3, 3A & 3B
PST Method 3
Particulate Matter (PM) EPA Method 5, 5A-H
Sulfur Dioxide
Sulfur Dioxide
EPA Method 6, 6A-6C
RATA PST Method 2
Nitrogen Oxide
Nitrogen Oxide
EPA Method 7, 7A-7E
RATA PST Method 2
Visible Emissions EPA Methods 9 & 22
Carbon Monoxide
Carbon Monoxide RATA
EPA Method 10, 10A-B
PST Method 4
Volatile Organic Compounds EPA Method 18
SO2, NOx & PM EPA Method 19
NOx – Gas Turbines EPA Method 20
Fugitive Emissions EPA Method 21
PM 10 EPA Method 201A
Condensable Particulate Matter EPA Method 202