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2018 ASHRAE Annual Conference

The 2018 ASHRAE Winter Conference will be held at the Palmer House in Chicago, January 20-24 and the AHR Expo is at McCormick Place, January 22-24.  The Expo will host more than 2,000 exhibitors and 65,000  industry professionals.  Your ASHRAE badge will give you access to the AHR Expo.

What’s New With 52.2?

ASHRAE Test Protocol 52.2 is changing!


Call Bob Burkhead for details.

Blue Heaven Technologies is expanding!

Blue Heaven Technologies, the world leader in air filtration testing, has expanded. We are able to offer our customers a higher level of service, and have more space for specialty testing.

Here are some of the improvements the expansion creates:


Clean Room

We have added a clean room for HEPA / ULPA filter testing in factory frames. The clean room will also be used to test CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rates) for room air cleaners and other indoor air cleaning devices. We can test vacuum cleaner efficiency in a clean room environment as well.


Don’t want your stored product exposed where your competition can see it? We now have a concealed and locked storage area for both products waiting to be tested (in a conditioned space) and for products that have been tested prior (covered and protected from the elements).

Better Meeting Space for Play Days!

Do you want to be present during a test? Do you want your staff trained on how testing works? Do you need a separate meeting space to discuss prototypes and make plans while at Blue Heaven Technologies? We now have several meeting rooms available, including one that can be kept off limits to curious visitors.

More Room!

  • The two vertical/flat sheet ducts have moved into a larger, more efficient space.
  • More shop space and equipment/tools to build prototypes and develop concepts.
  • Easier access to the many different adapters for different specialty filter sizes.
  • We also have space to do more specialty testing and customer-developed standards.
  • Room for our newly developed gas phase testing protocol ASHRAE 145.2 (ozone and VOCs are the initial focus).