At Blue Heaven Technologies we strive to provide A2LA- and CARB-accredited quality air filtration and environmental testing. We offer dust for all filter testing procedures.

In addition to filtration testing, we also offer dust creation and educational services. Play Days and Training Sessions are a great way to see what we do firsthand. 

Check out a more detailed overview of our services below to “clear the air” on what we can do! 

Blue Heaven Tech
ASHRAE Testing
ASHRAE 52.2 
– Full Protocol
– Resistance to Air Flow
– Particle Size Efficiency
– MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value)
– Dust Holding Capacity
– Appendix J
Performance testing of Industrial Pulse Cleaned Dust Collectors
European Test Methods
– Full Protocol
– Resistance–Flow
– Particle Size Efficiency
– G, M or F Rating
– Discharged Efficiency
EN 1822

HEPA/ULPA Penetration Testing

EN1822 Instrumentation

ISO Test Methods
ISO 16890
– 2 (Efficiency)
– 3 (Dust Capture)
– 4 (Discharge)
ISO 29461
Efficiency and Dust Holding
ISO 29463
HEPA Testing
ISO 5011
Engine Air Intake
ISO 11155
Cabin Air Intake
CSA 22.2Electrostatic Air Cleaners
UL 867Electrostatic Air Cleaners
UL 2998Electrostatic Air Cleaners
ASTM 2299Face Mask Efficiency and Resistance
ASTM 3502Barrier Face Covering
ASTM F1977Vacuum Cleaner Performance Testing
ASTM F3150High Efficiency Vacuum Cleaner Performance Testing
AC-1Room Air Cleaner Testing
AAR-R-807Locomotive Intake Testing
AAR RP 559Flammability
32-SAMSS-008Pulse Clean System Performance Assessment
IEST-RP-CC001.7Flat Sheet Media Testing – HEPA/ULPA
P95Respirator Test (oil)
N100Respirator Test (solid)
N95Respirator Test
Dry BreachDry Breach Test
Quick Wet BreachWet Breach Test
72 Hr – Wet Breach72 Hr Wet Breach Test
MullenMullen Burst Test
MigrationMigration Test
200 HrDust Rejection/Performance Assessment
Paint ArrestancePaint Arrestance and Holding Test
DIN 71460Passenger Compartment Testing
Blue Heaven Offers a Full Line of Dusts for All types of Filter Testing Procedures
  • ASHRAE Dust used in 52.1, 52.2 and EN779 test procedures              
  • Custom blended test dusts
  • ISO 12103-1 Dusts
  • A1 – Ultra Fine
  • A2 – Fine (Formerly AC Fine / SAE Fine)
  • A3 – Medium
  • A4 – Coarse
  • Atomite

Round Robin Testing Confirms Comparable Performance Results When Blue Heaven ASHRAE Dust was developed a comprehensive series of tests were conducted with three major filter manufacturers to verify the test results were directly comparable with other sources of dust commonly available. Reliable Test Results Require Consistent Dust Formulation Reliable test results that allow accurate comparability from test to test require dust with a consistent formulation. Blue Heaven dust is manufactured in strict accordance with ASHRAE specifications (52.1 and 52.2). Our process control and state-of-the-art blending equipment assure each batch is produced per spec and with the exact same formulation. Blue Heaven test technicians have 16 years experience producing ASHRAE dust. Made to Order Each batch is made to order and shipped promptly. No frustrating delays in receiving your supply. Included in each shipment is a Batch Report and Material Safety Data Sheet. (MSDS). Product Availability
  • ASHRAE Dust – 5 and 10 pound bags
  • ISO Dusts – 4 pound container
The industry’s leading supplier of dusts for all filter testing procedures.

Blue Heaven Tech Testing

Learn the “nuts and bolts” of filter testing by scheduling a Blue Heaven “Play Day.” Spend a day with our staff and receive full use of our testing facilities as well as technical assistance in air filtration product development. Conduct your own tests, evaluate medias, or study construction methods. Schedule your Play Day now! 

Bob Teaching.

We also conduct custom designed air filtration training sessions. Learn test procedures, industry standards, or product design and construction. Sessions can be tailored to newcomers, intermediate or advanced levels. Schedule a training session now!